BTB – WordNet: From LMF to TEI with XSLT

Why do we need this transformation?

The short answer is visibility, accessibility and reuse of our data. WordNet is language resource used in various NLP tasks and we want researchers to have access to the Bulgarian WordNet to do experiments and to be able to reproduce our results. In the LMF standard the data is not so human readable and it is divided in two XML siblings – LexycalEntry and Synset. The first has the information about the lemma, POS, and few ID numbers. The second has confidence score, POS (again), more ID’s, and has Definition and Examples with information about the confidence, language and source for the example sentences.

How we did it?

First we had to come up with a scheme that can hold all the source information in TEI. For that we transferred as much as possible from the equal XML tags (<tag>)and attributes (@) like <LexycalEntry> to <entry> and@language to @xml:lang. Then we looked at what is left and how to represent it in TEI. The LMF source had more attributes than TEI allows for us to use so the decision was to transfer the attributes as tags, for example: @pos became <pos> and @ili became <idno type=”ili”>. When the transferring scheme was done we had to set up our XSLT stylesheet. This was pretty much standard, but we needed to use xsl:key to link every <LexycalEntry> to it’s corresponding <Synset> via the attributes @synset and @id so that the transformation templates will apply correctly.

The last thing we did was the first thing one should do – to set up our header. The reason is that we wanted first to have something to put the header on.

The result:

What is next?

We will take our Bulgarian WordNet expansion which is in raw XML format, that we as annotators use, and try to transform it directly to TEI Standard.

Ask, and it will be given to you:

Our BTB-WordNet and our XSLT stylesheet will be on the GitHub

If you want more of our resources you can find us on:

Side note

Visit Bulgaria; Come and see us at RANLP 2019:

Special thanks:

To: LaurentRomary and Toma Tasovac for the opportunity to be part of the masterclass

To: Axel Herold for the organization

To: Boris Lehečka for the help with the xsl:key

And everybody else for the friendship

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