Toward TEI Lex-0 Publisher: A Workshop Announcement

When: December 16-17th, 2019
Where: DARIAH Coordination Office, Germaine-Tillion-Saal (7th Floor), Friedrichstr. 191, Berlin

Instructors: Magdalena Turska and Wolfgang Meier, eXist Solutions
Sponsor: Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities
Local Organizer: DARIAH WG “Lexical Resources”


The goal of the two-day workshop/hackathon is to:

  • introduce members of the DARIAH WG “Lexical Resources” and other interested parties to TEI Publisher (, a highly customizable, open-source publication toolbox based on the TEI Processing Model;
  • kickstart the development of the TEI Lex-0 Publisher, а generic publication framework for dictionaries and other lexical data; and
  • build a pool of knowledge as a starting point for creating good documentation and training materials on TEI Lex-0 Publisher for DARIAH-Campus


The DARIAH WG “Lexical Resources” is the spiritus movens behind the community-based initiative to develop TEI Lex-0, a stricter subset of TEI, to be used specifically for encoding dictionaries, pooling lexical data together and performing lexical research across national and linguistic boundaries.

During our Lexical Data Masterclasses, we established that our community very much needs a generic TEI Lex-0 publication framework:

  1. in the educational context, when we teach the principles of TEI Lex-0 and best practices in encoding lexical data, we need an easy-to-use publication platform to show immediately the affordances of well-structured lexical data; and
  2. in the context of scholarly editing projects, we need, in the long term, a solution which will make it significantly easier for individual scholars and/or smaller, underresourced institutions to publish high-quality editions of historical dictionaries and other types of lexical data, with functionalities which will include, among others, basic and advanced search, facetted browsing and geobrowsing.

Who can apply?

The workshop is aimed at developers and/or researchers with basic technical skills.

Familiarity with TEI, XML, XPATH, HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be assumed.

How to participate

The workshop is free of charge, but the travel expenses need to be covered by the participants or their institutions.

The number of available places is very limited.

To apply, please send an email with a short statement of interest together with information on your academic and technical background to both and by the end of the day on Friday, December 6th.

Notification of acceptance: Monday, December 9th.

Even if you don’t end up participating, let us know if you would be, in principle, interested in participating in the further developments of TEI Lex-0 Publisher. Also feel free to contribute to our Features wishlist. (You need to be signed in with your GitHub account in order to change this document.)


Monday, December 16th (10:00 – 18:00)

  • Introduction to TEI Publishing Model and the architecture of TEI Publisher
  • The specificity of lexical data: formalizing and prioritizing our user needs and translating them into feature requests
  • Hands-on work

Tuesday, Decembeer 17th (09:00 – 16:00)

  • Hands-on work

The more preparatory work on formalizing and prioritizing feature requests we do before the workshop, the better. To contribute to the TEI Lex-0 Publisher Features Wishlist, go to To contribute to the document you will need to sign in using your GitHub account.

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