An XML Version of Turkish Dictionary

In order to anchor international or multinational lexicographic projects on existing Turkish dictionaries, we should have a common understanding of the way we make reference resources available, as is the case for the digital version of our Turkish dictionary project. Although there work has been being done on digitizing Turkish dictionaries, both old Turkish dictionaries and current versions of it, these few examples do not follow a standard way of encoding the source file. In order to overcome this obstacle, during the Lexical Data Masterclass in Berlin, on December 4-8, 2017, I worked on an XSLT transformation document to process an existing dictionary into an output conformant to the TEI standard. Seeing that almost all current Turkish dictionaries give the same category of lexical information in a very similar page layout, this XSLT could work on other digitalized or OCRized Turkish dictionaries. Even if they do not have a digital version, GROBID based projects can easily transform OCRized PDFs into digital file format like the works of Khemakhem et al. 2017. Continue reading An XML Version of Turkish Dictionary

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